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P.S. Divergent isn’t my favourite book. I haven’t actually even read it. I have a page all about my favourite books, check it out here

Hey Fellow Readers,

If you stumbled upon this blog it must mean you have some sort of interest in books and reading, whether you read 1 book a year or 50 books a year, because this blog is 100% that.

My reading and book buying “obsession” only started in the middle of 2014 and before that I had no interest in reading. I believe everyone can read, you just need to find the book you love and draws you in. That book for me was “Angles” by Marian Keyes and although this book is no longer in the running for my favourites, it helped me discover my favourite books and my passion for reading. I barely go a day now where I don’t at least do something to do with reading. Whether that’s actually reading or watching booktube videos on YouTube or shamefully buying more books than I can read. Reading is now part of my daily life and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

That’s why I created this blog…to share my passion for reading and hopefully inspire people who don’t read much or at all to pick up something to spark their interest.

TheMysteryReader is here to share, help and inspire. I post book hauls, reviews, tags, monthly TBRs, monthly wrap ups and more. If you want notified every time I post just follow me on WordPress or via email…both easily enough to do on my home page.

Thanks for stopping by and if you did some how come across this blog and you have no interest in books, 1) I’m sorry and 2) I have a whole blog dedicated to make-up, beauty and lifestyle…right HERE!!!

R x


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